Moving Claim Services (MCS) is a national, professional claims control, prevention and service organization. We specialize in claim reduction and the resolution of both local and interstate moving claims. When prized possessions have been lost or damaged in a move, a timely, impartial resolution is imperative. MCS reassures customers that their claim is our priority.

Inevitably, even the best moving companies will have claims resulting in lost or damaged items. Often, they can be their own worst enemy. Although properly insured, seldom do movers have in place knowledgeable claim representatives with the necessary skills required to handle the vast array of complex insurance issues. Incorrectly handled claims often lead to impatient and angered customers resulting in loss of consumer confidence and the risk of increased liability. Consequently unnecessary lawsuits are created which are not only expensive to defend but can damage even the most reputable company. Are you a company at risk of inexperienced employees, expensive insurance premiums, fraudulent claims or costly litigation? Are you a customer with lost family heirlooms, damaged antiques or additional moving charges? MCS is here to help.

MCS provides objective claim resolution and the expertise to retain customer loyalty even in the event of a claim. Our claim specialists are dedicated to ensuring that all claims are addressed promptly and fairly.
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Moving Claim Services